Richard Torchia, Director, Arcadia University Art Gallery

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  1. […] of the beautiful things about these benches is how transparently they were built,” said Richard Torchia, director of Arcadia University Art Gallery. “The inherent honesty of Cape’s construction […]

  2. […] Richard Torchia, director of Arcadia University Art Gallery, contributed a foreword to the book that chronicles the origin and evolution of the project. Illustrated with measured drawings of all the benches made expressly for the publication, We Sit Together also features extensive documentation of the initial installation at Arcadia, including photographs depicting three of the gallery building’s original windows. Not seen from the inside of the exhibition space since the early 1980s, these windows were revealed by Matt Borgen at Cape’s request and then re-covered following the conclusion of the exhibition. […]

  3. […] the following interview, Assistant Professor Gregg Moore and Gallery Director Richard Torchia look back on co-curating Ai Weiwei: Dropping the […]